What I Learned this Week

In science class last week I learned about why air pressure is important to me and everyone else. I also learned about the sun’s energy that effect our weather( witch are Infared, UV rays, and Visible light). Then I learned how heat is transferred throughout the atmosphere, and that is by Raditation( travels through space without touching things), Convection( hot goes up and cold does down), and finally conduction( has to touch something to transferre the energy). The last thing our class did was learned about the four types of clouds. Then our class did a lab to see if clouds form under high or low pressure( clouds form under low pressure), and the second lab we did was to find out how much moisture is in a cloud before it rains.

THAT IS WHAT I LEARNED LAST WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite thing about the challenges is that I got  to make my own blog. I can also visit other peoples blogs and see what they did on their. Every week we have to do something that can make our blogs better.

My favorite types of blogs is where I get to play games on other websites, and write a post on what I did. For ex: like on one of them I had to help people for disaters. By nature resouces and also man made things.

Another thing about the challenges are that I get to add things to my blog. It also keeps me busy on the weekends. And that is why I like the challenge

Taiyi’s Blog

Hello Tai! I really like your  Blog psge. Every new day is a chance for you to get more & more creative. Being creative is a great way to express your self. The more time you spend alone as well as spending time in creative modes they allow for you to practice and get into your own rhythm.

I noticed your baseball season is over for now. When do you plan to start up a new season? I also like the baseball banner on your page – what a creative way to express that side of you!

What are your plans for today? Did you see how warm it is outside today – for the fall season?

Peace & Love



Global Issues

I learned some Global issues like wild fires and tsnamies. I played a game that I had to help save some towns from a diaster. I learned from that is that a lot of reasoures can help stop these diasters. The cool thing about this is that I had an amount of money and I hadto make sure that I protected their town.

Seismic Waves Lab

I learned from this lab that there are two tpyes of  waves (S waves and P waves). P waves go though solids and liqiuds. When S waves only go though solids. We can find out what Earth’s interior is like when we can’t see it. By earthquakes, volcanos, and tsnamies.

P waves are a lot faster than S waves. If the core is liquid and the outside of it in solid. Only the Pwaves can travel though the core when the S waves just go around the core. That is what I learned from this lab.

Rock Story

Once apon a time there was a boy named Taiyi. Taiyi was a very curios person.One day he found a pebble and thought WOW this used to be part of the Planet Earth. He said I wonder  how many changes it must have gone though. And then in his mind he saw his pebble was in a volcano going though the steps to become an igneos rock. Next he saw his pebble going though the steps to become a Sedimentary. By being sqeezed together with other minerals and rocks. Than Metamophic rock by being under the ground and by apling heat and pressure. And finally the rock was back to its oringal rock form a small pebble.